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Oomba Pops virtual reality game features cute alien animals, Oombas and Blumbas running around in order to collect points by popping alien Pops. The point values of each Pop depend on their colors. Yellow is worth 10 points while Magenta gives 60 points.

Player controls Oomba with the headset which is projecting a laser beam and a white dot. (It is a bit as if you were using a laser pointer attached to a helmet while playing with a dog). Each session lasts two minutes. There are 3 levels of difficulties. Depending on the level, your Oomba competes against one, two or three Mumbas.

Both Oombas and Blumbas have 6 legs each. Oombas have 3 legs in the front and 3 in the back, while Blumbas have 3 legs on each side. Oombas and Blumbas may be related, but it is a mystery as to the exact nature of their relationship, since the world where they exist was not created as by the strict, trial-and-error rules set forth by the Grandpa Darwin.

Music was composed and recorded by Alexandra Bodytko